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Belviq – is a drug approved by the FDA as long-term use and prescribed for obese people who are trying in vain to reduce their weight for a long time.

Clinical studies have shown that Belviq helps to reduce weight by at least 5-10% within a year. For those who want to achieve better results, it is recommended to combine Belviq with physical exercises and a balanced low-calorie diet.

Whatever physical activity you are engaged in: fitness, swimming or walking, Belviq guarantees you successful results and good well-being.

The principle of Belviq action lies in activation of brain serotonin receptors that promotes rapid saturation even when consuming a small amount of food.

The FDA experts noted that unlike other drugs to combat obesity, Belviq does not cause serious side effects and can be prescribed to adults and young people aged 18 and older.

Due to the effect of Belviq, you will not only control your appetite, but also will be able to:

  • strip away pounds of fat
  • feel great and look hot
  • increase self-esteem and feel confident in any situation

Moreover, Belviq helps to reduce cholesterol level in the blood and regulate high blood pressure that obese people often suffer from.

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For effective weight loss, you will not need to take Belviq with other prescription medications or herbal weight loss products. Belviq is sufficient to make your body to lose weight significantly.

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You will notice the first weight loss results in the first weeks of Belviq application. They will motivate you to continue fight against excess weight and simultaneously to persuade to increase the daily dose of Belviq for more intense weight loss process.

Do not hurry to increase the daily dose, follow the specified dosage regimen. This will help you to avoid development of side effects and discomfort.

To reduce the treatment cost, you can make use of discount card, which is provided by Belviq manufacturer.

If your health insurance does not cover the cost for Belviq purchase and you have to pay for the drug out of your pocket, make use of this card and your expenses will decrease up to $75 per month.

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