Girl lost 30 kg after being criticized on social network

lost 30 kg

Acquaintances stopped recognizing her after 120 days. She turned into a slender beauty and was invited to work on television.

My weight loss story began in the second year of the University. Back then, I was 19 years old, I was wearing heels, XL-sized jeans and weighed 85 kg. I entered the university, moved to the University dormitory. We did not have a fridge there.

Therefore, we were trying to finish all perishable food together with my roommate in one evening. There was lots of fast food and chocolates at night, while getting ready for seminars. There were times, when I was put on the back positions in general photos, so that I did not cover anyone. I also was in a situation, when I was offered to take two seats on the plane.

One day, I saw in an acquaintance’s social network page a very offensive comment next to my photo:

“I got stuck in her fat folds”.

That felt like an electric shock. I burst into tears and realized that I hate myself and all my excess weight.

The next, day I woke up at 6 am. I began reading about healthy nutrition on the Internet and bought a gym membership. I started drinking 3 liters of water a day and walking from the institute to the dormitory.

I found a nutritionist on the Internet. I bought food that he advised me. Every month, I was cutting 50 grams of food from the diet. For example, out of 300 grams of chicken there were only 100 g left after three months. However, I felt full.

I replaced coffee with chicory. I did not drink during the meals, but I always had two glasses of water before eating. During the day, I could have a piece of brown bread and a slice of cheese to enrich my body with carbohydrates.

My everyday menu was as follows:

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal cooked on water with a small amount of salt.

As my second breakfast, I had one fruit, sugar-free compote or a herbs decoction.

For lunch, I ate vegetarian soup and a piece of poultry meat or fish with a serving of Greek salad.

Second lunch consisted of steamed vegetables and a salad of grated carrots or beets without the seasoning.

Afternoon snack was baked pudding or cheesecake, cooked according to the system of healthy nutrition.

First dinner consisted of chicken breast or white fish, salad or scrambled egg whites.

Final dinner was at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, so that the intestines worked in full force.

I avoided multiple restrictions, because I knew I would cave in, if I forbid myself everything I like. So the dietician allowed me to eat sushi rolls. I could have a fruit candy, so that my body had enough glucose. A month later, I found out that I lost 8 kg.

My exercising routine was as follows:

I started with power yoga three times a week, so that I could avoid stretch marks on the skin. I mastered correct breathing and was doing the “vacuum” exercise on a daily basis. In February, my weight reached 70 kg. It was a success.

Over the next month, I lost another 5 kg and added cardio exercises in the gym. Every day, I walked 7 km on foot. I still keep to this habit.

People stopped recognizing me on the street:

  • my face was thinner,
  • my legs got slender,
  • my breast size remained the same.

At this point, I hit the plateau. Exhausting trainings stopped bringing the results. I decided to add boxing to running. I signed into the simplest gym with a punch bag, where the coach was riding men and women equally hard, without giving favors to anyone.

As a result, I lost weight down to 52 kg!

Today, I continue attending training, trying something new:

  • discoveredPilates,
  • like swimming in the pool in the morning on an empty stomach,
  • doing CrossFit.

I try not to get obsessed with my weight, but if I see that the reflection in the mirror is not satisfying, I increase the load. I am following the best rule for a slender figure:

“You need to work out in the gym so that you spend everything that you ate.”

Right now, I am grateful to the man, who wrote about my folds in the social network. He provided the incentive I needed to move forward and not stop until I get to my goal.

Nutritionist’s comment:

Experience demonstrates that a motivated and strict adherence to the nutritionist’s advice can help you get rid of extra kilos in a short time.

  1. She did well to give up the habit to wash down the food with water.Digestion of food begins under the influence of enzymes that saliva contains. Drinking while eating water reduces the concentration of these enzymes and thereby causes a slowdown and difficulty in food digestion.
  1. Replacing coffee with chicory was associated with the formation of new taste preferences, which is very important for strengthening the work of digestive enzymes.In addition to this, chicory provides a number of properties, beneficial to the body:
  • causes a pronounced diuretic and choleretic effect,
  • normalizes metabolism,
  • assists a proper function of the digestive tract.

It should be remembered that, just as it is with coffee, abuse of this drink is fraught with additional stress on the cardiovascular and excretory system.

  1. Increased physical activity during the so-called weight plateau is also a very correct step to take!

The concept of “normal weight” is always determined by two factors: a healthy diet and adequate physical activity. If one of them lacks, the weight either ceases to decrease, or starts to win back its positions again.

To further save the results achieved, it is important to observe the rules of a balanced diet and not forget about physical exercises. However, these should not be of a debilitating nature and turn into a self-torture. The most adequate physical load for a person is walking. Maintaining the habit of walking in an intense pace is enough to maintain your dream weight.