Healthy food: cheap and available

The Most Harmful Diets for Health

When it comes to a healthy nutrition, people often say that it is very expensive and they have neither the time nor the money for cooking. However, they are mistaken. In fact, healthy food is available to everyone, and every person may reduce the food costs, if he has some knowledge of nutrition principles.

Any modern store offers inexpensive products, which have a high nutritional value and good quality at the same time. It should be noted that a healthy diet is based on the use of accessible, diverse and most importantly fresh food.

If you want to avoid premature aging, obesity and related chronic non-communicable diseases (such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes), choose healthy food.

Since the promotion of a healthy diet is very active, many people, who want to start eating right, want to know how they may reduce the product costs. Presented below is a list of tips to help you develop a more rational approach to the food purchasing and reduce costs.

Before you go to the store, think twice and make a full list of necessary products for a week. As shown by numerous polls, the waste products are usually purchased, when a person comes into the store without knowing exactly what to buy, and starts taking every attractive package he notices.

Schedule a free day for buying food, thus you will have enough time to read the labels, comparing prices and quality of food products.

When entering the store, pick the basket instead of a large truck, because on a subconscious level, the buyer seeks to fill the free space of the trolley and he might be doing it using waste products.

Keep the checks – this will help you summarize on product cost at the end of the week or month, and will also help you understand how you may reduce these costs. Additionally, you will notice, what foods you consume more, and will be able to replace them with a low-cost and high-quality analog

Keep the Checks

Try to cook at home, rather than buying ready meals, because it always costs more. To not let the cooking take a lot of time, you may buy all the ingredients can in advance, and process them into semi-finished and frozen meals.

Home-cooked meals may be taken with you to work and eaten at lunch time. It is great, if you have a previously cooked and frozen semi-finished product. If not, the remains of yesterday’s dinner will also work quite well. Food, prepared at home, will satisfy your hunger and help you avoid additional expenses for buying a ready meal in a café or public dining facilities.

If you want to save money, then you should refuse to buy products of famous brands, because they are usually 5-10% more expensive. Buy local products, which are not inferior in quality to the imported ones, and instead of trusting the advertising, carefully read the label of the product.

Choose foods in their raw form and without cutting, which preserves the nutrients better and keeps the product fresh for a longer period of time. Remember, cut and washed products always are more expensive and have a shorter shelf life.

It is profitable to buy some long-term storage products in large packs and at promo prices. You may purchase cereals, pasta, sugar, nuts, and canned food in large quantities and store in a dry place.

Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown in your area of residence. Avoid imported foods that are grown in greenhouses. They usually contain few nutrients, and at the same time are very expensive. Freeze seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, which will help you reduce the cost of healthy eating.

Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

After 2-3 months of compliance with these tips, you will notice that your diet has enriched with healthy meals and products, despite the fact that the expenses for a healthy nutrition have significantly reduced.