How well do Duromine diet pills work?

Duromine provides stable weight loss results. This fact is proved by hundreds of medical studies and confirmed by prominent eating disorder specialists and millions of people who lost weight. So now, the question “Can Duromine cause weight loss?” does not arise.

Duromine is a win-win option during fighting obesity. However, the body of every person works in different ways, so obese people are interested in the question “How much weight will I lose with Duromine?”

The answer to this question depends on many factors, such as:

  • The number of extra kilos
  • The duration of obesity history
  • The rate of change in eating behavior
  • The daily dose of Duromine

If you are diagnosed with overweight, you can lose just 5-10 kilos using Duromine. These are not the most outstanding results, but it is sufficient to your weight comes nearer to normal.

Obesity – is a disease as any other chronic disease. The earlier you will start to treat it, the faster and more amount of fat you will lose.

People taking Duromine lose 5 to 15% of their initial body weight. If to minimize the intake of calories and to be physically active more than 60 minutes a day during Duromine therapy, it is possible to lose more than 15% of initial body weight.

Weight loss depends on the chosen dosing regimen of Duromine. If you take Duromine 40mg capsules, in most cases you will lose more weight than if you take Duromine 15mg capsules. In rare cases, the intake of Duromine 15mg capsules causes sufficient anorectic effect to lose weight.

Note that in some pathologies, it is necessary to take no more than one Duromine 15mg capsule per day. The intake of Duromine in the dose more than 40mg per day does not increase efficiency of overweight or obesity treatment.