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Ionamin is produced by a pharmaceutical company UCB Pharma. Ionamin capsules that contain 15 mg and 30 mg of active ingredient Phentermine resin are sold at pharmacies since 1959.

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Ionamin capsules have a great power to suppress the feeling of hunger. Moreover, using this drug in combination with exercise program and a reasonable diet, you will be able to control your weight better and more efficiently.

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Ionamin enjoyed great popularity in Belgium, the USA, and Ireland for a long time. To date it is not available in these countries. It is widely used for obesity treatment in the UK hospitals. In Australia, Ionamin is produced for export only.

Three reasons you should lose weight with Ionamin:

more than 50 years at the world market;
high quality is approved by the FDA;
safety is clinically confirmed.

For over 50 years, Ionamin is considered the best drug for appetite suppression, even among its analogs that include a popular drug to combat obesity Duromine.

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Ionamin has passed numerous clinical trials that have confirmed its safety and efficacy. This safe means for appetite suppression is very popular among many people.

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