Regardless of age and gender, increased appetite and overeating are the main factors contributing to development of exogenous-constitutional obesity.

When there is a need to lose weight, but diet and exercise are ineffective, weight loss pills, such as Duromine or Phen375 can be recommended. These diet pills help to effectively deal with feeling of hunger and to suppress appetite for the whole day.

Each of these weight loss pills has advantages and disadvantages, and their use may depend on the person’s overall health and his degree of obesity. To understand what difference between these diet pills, it is necessary to compare Duromine vs Phen375.

Firstly, it should be noted that Duromine is a prescription anorectic drug that suppresses appetite by stimulating the central nervous system. Duromine is supplied as capsules in three different dosages, which makes it possible to choose an individual dosage regimen for each patient.

Phen375 is a dietary supplement, which suppresses appetite without affecting the nervous system and it is available without prescription. Phen375 is produced as oral tablets that include natural ingredients only.

Unlike Duromine, Phen375 action is directed to several factors that contribute to successful weight loss. Phen375 does not only suppress the appetite, but also speeds up metabolism and increases thermogenesis.

Despite the fact that Phen375 and Duromine help to reduce appetite and to control overeating, these weight loss pills have different mechanism of action and active components.

Duromine is an Australian brand of anorectic agent phentermine, which suppresses appetite and causes a feeling of satiety by activating appetite regulation center located in the hypothalamus.

Contrary to its name, Phen375 does not contain anorectic agent phentermine, and effective appetite suppression is provided by a complex of natural ingredients.

Caffeine powder reduces appetite and suppresses the feeling of hunger. Coleus Forskohlii roots, Citrus Aurantium and Cayenne pepper contribute to breakdown of fats in fat cells, to acceleration the metabolism and to increase in energy expenditure.

Dendrobium Nobile extract improves digestion and L-Carnitine amino acid provides the body with energy and helps it to transform fat into energy.

Phen375 has virtually no contraindications to the use. It can be used by any adult or adolescent aged 18 years and older. Herewith, the duration of Phen375 use is unlimited and is determined individually. The recommended dosage regimen is a Phen375 tablet twice a day.

Unlike Phen375, Duromine can be used by adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older not more than 3 months. Contraindications to Duromine use is the presence of pulmonary hypertension, severe heart diseases, depression and glaucoma.

Many obese patients, who wish to quickly lose a large number of kilograms, can be recommend to use Duromine. However, studies have shown that dramatic weight loss is bad for health and makes it impossible to keep the achieved results.

To save the results for long, it is necessary to lose weight gradually changing lifestyle and eating behavior. For quick weight loss, the patient can be advised to start the process of weight loss with Duromine capsules. After that, he can continue losing weight using Phen375 pills.

Use of Duromine capsules for 3 months will help the obese person to get rid of a large number of excess kilograms (results are individual and may vary).

Phen375 tablets will contribute to further gradual weight loss by accustoming the obese person to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. They will help to save the result for long.