Are you tired to switch from pills to pills for weight loss? Would you like to gain more control over your hunger? Do you want to forget about “magic” pills that give nothing but empty promises?

If your answer is “Yes” to at least one of the questions, choose Duromine or Qsymia. These anorectic drugs are real blockbusters among all means for weight loss.

Attempts to get rid of accumulated pounds and stubborn inches can be depressing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a medicine for obesity treatment, which will surely help to get rid of the hated fat.

Duromine and Qsymia are different medications, but they belong to the same pharmaceutical group. Duromine and Qsymia exert similar effects:

  • Suppress appetite and tendency to overeating
  • Reduce the number of calories consumed
  • Accelerate the burning process of the accumulated fat

Taking into account all total effects, it can be assumed that Duromine and Qsymia are identical, but it is not so. Duromine and Qsymia are very similar, but having studied their differences, you can choose the medicine that is best suited for you.

Duromine properties

Duromine contains only one active substance. Each Duromine capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active substance Phentermine.

Duromine capsules for weight loss are prescribed for people older than 12 years. For the maximum appetite suppression, it is necessary to take one Duromine capsule early in the day.

Phentermine changes level of chemicals in the brain and reduces appetite. During Duromine use, adverse reactions may include difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep, headaches, irritability, and increased heart rate.

Qsymia properties

Combined drug Qsymia contains two active substances – Phentermine and Topiramate (3.7 / 23.0mg, 7.5 / 46.0mg, 11.25 / 69.0mg and 15.0 / 92.0mg). Unlike Duromine, Qsymia is prescribed only to adults suffering from overweight or obesity.

To control appetite during the most part of the day, it is necessary to take one Qsymia capsule before, during or after breakfast. During the first two weeks of treatment, it is necessary to take the minimum doses of Qsymia.

Qsymia contains Phentermine, so side effects of this medication are identical to side effects of Duromine. Other side effects of the combined appetite suppressant Qsymia may include taste disturbances and paresthesia (tingling and numbness of soft tissues).

What to choose?

If you have never used effective appetite suppressants and you do not know what kind of medicine is better for you, pay attention to price. Duromine and Qsymia suppress appetite with approximately equal efficiency, so you can start to fight excess weight with the cheaper drug.

Duromine was developed over 50 years ago and now this drug is well known to people and experts in weight management. Qsymia went on sale in 2012 and its popularity increases every year.