Why Weight is Not Reduced

You follow a strict diet for several weeks in a row, give up coffee and sweets, starve yourself and exhaust yourself with workouts, but indications of scales remain the same. Why? Let us deal!

Nutritionists have called a state in which weight stops falling the “plateau effect”. In fact, the plateau effect is not a disorder or disease. It is just a natural reaction of the body to weight loss.

Simply put, the body has adapted to a new nutrition program, exercise and now wants to avoid further loss of energy, which is stored as fat deposits.

However, the plateau effect can occur not only because of strict dieting or because of exercise. Apart from these, there are also other reasons for stopping weight reduction.

The first reason: malfunction of the thyroid gland

If you suffer from hypothyroidism, thyroid function is reduced. The lack of its hormones in the body leads to metabolic slowdown. Therefore, until you start its treating, your weight can long remain at the same level. Moreover, if any measures are not taken, the weight will only grow.

The second reason: incorrect assessment of the amount of servings

Psychologists point out that most people incorrectly estimate the amount of eaten food per day. In reality, it turns out that they overeat on the average of 20%.

You should assess the real amount of food eaten per day. Perhaps, like many other people who think they eat like a bird, you simply do not remember all what you have eaten throughout the day.

In order to correctly estimate the amount of food eaten per day, it is sufficient to track your daily diet for one week and you will understand whether you eat a little or not.

Minimal Food

The third reason: constant feeling of hunger

Change type of workouts. If you have still not included workouts at the gym or with dumbbells in your weight loss program, then now is the time. Such exercises accelerate metabolism and promote active growth of muscle mass.

As you know, muscles are the most energetically active tissues of the body, which burn calories even when the person is at rest. If you were engaged in dancing, now engage in swimming. If you started the workout with heavy exercises, now start with simple ones. Try to increase the workout time by 10-15 minutes.

The fourth reason: the same exercises day after day

Curiously enough, starvation can also be a reason that weight is not reduced. The body perceives a significant lack of food as a threat of its existence, slowing metabolism it expends less energy that means that fat from fat depots slower disappears.

The body turns on a saving mode, if the person consumes less than 1200 kcal per day for several days in a row. Such restriction is permissible only once a week, otherwise the body will slow down metabolic processes and you will get the plateau effect.

The five reason: drink more wather

Ironically, studies show that insufficient consumption of water leads to water retention – the body saves water. To the fluid is not retained in the body and does not cause swelling, experts recommend to drink at least 2 liters of still water per day.

In addition, use of a large amount of spicy or salty food promotes water retention in the tissues. Only one extra gram of salt is able to retain 100 ml of water in the body. A short restriction of salt intake reduces water reserve in the body and contributes to temporary weight loss.

Water Helps You

Somehow or other, each body reacts differently to changes in diet and increase in intensity of physical activity. If your weight remains the same, in spite of all your efforts, most importantly not to leave attempts to fight extra pounds and not to stop diet and exercise.

To your weight begin to decrease again; small adjustments in your weight loss program are required. Try to increase your calorie intake, reduce intensity of your workouts for a while, and change the type of exercises.

Most importantly, stay physically active and with positive mood, and extra pounds will go away much easier and faster.