Where to buy Duromine Online?

Dear users, I’d like to answer the following frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I buy Duromine online?

A. You can’t buy generic phentermine which is a full generic of duromine, with the same active component phentermine.

Q. Which Generic Phentermine forms I can buy online?

A. You can’t buy generic phentermine or geneneric adipex online legally.

Q. How can I be sure of the quality of Generic Phentermine?

A. Our Phentermine is produced in India by reliable manufacturers to meet the international standards. These pills are equivalent to the brand medicine you can get from your doctor or weight-loss clinic. However this medication is generic and may look different to the pills you used before (e.g. colour, shape)

Q. Why Generic Phentermine is so cheap, practically three times as cheap as Duromine if they have the same active component Phentermine?

A. Both Duromine and Adipex are brand medicines. It means that their manufacturers spend a lot of money on marketing and advertisement.

Q. Does my order pass successfully Australian / or any other customs?

A. Customs are often strict to the parcels containing medication that’s why we always use discreet packaging for all our orders to avoid any possible issues. Most orders arrive at the destination point in a timely manner but if your order is seized by customs or lost we will replace it by no cost or return your money alternatively.

Q. What if I have problems with the law buying Duromine / Generic Phentermine online?

A. As you know Phentermine is a controlled medicine, so it can be seized at the destination country customs. We use discreet packaging to minimize the risk of your parcel being seized. If your order is confiscated the customs officer may also send you a letter declaring your item seized. There is no prosecution in such cases


If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to email me. I will be happy to reply to you. Good luck!