Some of the most effective non-prescription means to combat overweight are sold in the Great Britain under the brand XLS Medical. The manufacturer of a number of drugs XLS Medical for weight loss is a Belgian pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma.

XLS Medical means for weight loss have proven themselves on the UK pharmaceutical market, and their popularity grows rapidly among obese Americans every day.

Omega Pharma supplies different non-prescription drugs for weight loss in the UK, including:

  • XLS Medical Fettbinder
  • XLS Medical Kohlenhydratblocker
  • XLS Medical Appetitmanager
  • XLS Medical Max Strength
XLS Medical

All drugs listed above promote weight loss in different ways

Slimming capsules XLS Medical Fettbinder contain a proprietary blend of food fibers Litramine

A feature of these dietary fibers is that they absorb fats. Due to Litramine fibers, XLS Medical Fettbinder drug inhibits fat absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, and consequently a part of fats is excreted from the body unchanged. Price of a XLS Medical Fettbinder capsule in the UK is about 0.35 €.

  • Drug XLS Medical Kohlenhydratblocker contains proprietary glycoprotein complex PhaseLite

A feature of this natural glycoprotein complex is that it deactivates the digestive enzymes that are involved in digestion of carbohydrates.

Thanks to natural complex PhaseLite, XLS Medical Kohlenhydratblocker drug blocks conversion of carbohydrates into fats, and thereby prevents formation of fatty deposits. Price of one XLS Medical Kohlenhydratblocker dose in the UK is about 0.55 €.

  • XLS Medical Appetitmanager contains an original blend of food fibers Redusure

A feature of a blend of active dietary fibers Redusure is that they swell and are transformed into gel in the stomach.

Consequently, the formed gel fills a part of the stomach and causes a feeling of satiety

Due to Redusure fibers, capsules XLS Medical Appetitmanager help to reduce hunger and limit consumption of high-calorie food. Price of a XLS Medical Appetitmanager capsule in the UK is about 0.55 €.

  • XLS Medical Max Strength slimming capsules contain a complex of natural active ingredients Clavitanol

A feature of natural complex Clavitanol is that it blocks digestion of carbohydrates, sugar and fats, thereby slows absorption of undigested nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.

XLS Medical Max Strength is the most powerful natural fat burner of all XLS Medical product line for weight loss. Price of this non-prescription fat burner in Great Britain is about 0.60 € per capsule

If you want to buy XLS Medical in Great Britain at the lowest price, order this slimming drug online. You can buy XLS Medical directly from the manufacturer or from international online retailers.

Omega Pharma collaborates with several large online retailers that take orders for delivery of XLS Medical in UK, including:

ASDA Groceries
Holland and Barrett

When comparing prices on XLS Medical capsules on different online pharmacies, pay attention to price of their delivery. Before buying XLS Medical online, make sure that online retailer delivers this drug for weight loss to your residence country.